Sell Airtime with ease and convenience. Track your float with every transaction to avoid depletion. Order for a top up of your float by depositing money through a Paybill account and you receive your float on your phone

How to sell airtime using moAirtime

Please follow the following steps to be able to sell airtime through moAirtime

Step 1

Please send us an email at requesting that you would like to be a moAirtime agent. Please leave us your phone number so that we can call you for additional details if need be. We will then review your application and respond within 3 working days.

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Step 2

Upon approval, we will share with you your agent id and the Paybill details that you will be using to request for your float. As soon as you make your first deposit, you will receive an SMS notifying you that your float has been loaded and you can proceed and begin to transact.

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Step 3

When a customer requests for airtime, go to mopower on WhatsApp and type Sell. mopower will prompt you to enter the customers phone number. After entering the phone number, collect cash from the customer and enter the amount. Airtime will load on the customer's phone within 5 seconds.

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